Brooks Institute Scholars Research Fellowship Awarded to Sarah Schindler

Sarah Schindler, Maxine Kurtz Faculty Research Scholar and Professor of Law at the University of Denver Sturm College of Law, has been awarded the Brooks Institute Scholars Research Fellowship. 

The goal of the Scholars Research Fellowship is to support outstanding research that will advance the fields of animal law and policy. To be eligible for grants, principal investigators must be affiliated with an accredited academic institution or demonstrate a record of successful independent research. Full time faculty, graduate students, and independent researchers are all able to apply to the fellowship.

Schindler’s nationally recognized scholarship—which has been published in top journals including the Yale Law Journal, the University of Pennsylvania Law Review, the George Washington Law Review, and online companion journals at Yale, UCLA, and the University of Chicago—focuses on property, land use, local government, and animal law.

Schindler’s research into nonhuman animals is informed by her experience practicing in the field of animal law, teaching an animal law course for over a decade, and her expertise as a property law scholar. Her current research emerges out of her property law research and expertise. Non-human animals are legally viewed as property, able to be owned, bought, and sold. But traditional notions of property result in numerous problems when applied to non-human animals.

For information about the Scholars Research Fellowship, please visit: TheBrooksInstitute.org/fellowships