Brooks Congress Mission

The animal protection community is only as effective as the advocates and scholars that comprise the movement. The Brooks Institute is grateful for the significant expertise, talent, and passion that makes our community a unique force for social change. We also recognize that this sort of dedication is both isolating and exhausting. The Congress is intended as a partial antidote to this reality by facilitating a gathering of the animal protection community. Delegate focus alternates year to year between animal law and the animal protection community at large. 

Our goal is to create a synergistic environment that

  • fosters new and enhanced relationships, collaborations, inspiration, and fresh thinking;
  • encourages interactive discussion and substantive planning across multiple perspectives and organizations; and
  • ensures a schedule that allows for personal and professional rejuvenation.

Unlike the crowded schedules of most conferences, the Congress is deliberate in reserving ample time for community building and relaxation.

The Congress is the Brooks Institute’s way of saying thank you to the animal protection community, while looking ahead to the next generation of big-thinking and new ideas in this field.

The Brooks Congress is an annual event that has produced valuable resources. The next Congress is being planned for February 2024.

Congress Resources Archive