Welcome to the Brooks Animal Law Digest! This premier online production offers in-depth and up-to-date coverage on today's most important animal law and policy issues to interested parties in the field.

The Brooks Animal Law Digests are meant to serve as a high-level overview of current developments in the field. They essentially provide the service of a full-time animal law researcher for individuals and organizations in the animal protection community. The Digests are a resource for anyone interested in learning more about animal law, either as a broad survey or a jumping off point for digging deeper into a specific issue.

In addition to news coverage, our quarterly Perspectives column offers analysis and reflection from top thinkers in the field on current events and key issues.

Each year we also publish annual compendiums for both the US and Canada editions, which provide a curated, comprehensive view of developments in animal law and policy over the past calendar year as covered in the Digests.

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The Brooks Animal Law Digest Perspectives column features reflections by notable scholars and practitioners on current events in the field of animal law. Perspectives presents fresh and synergistic thinking; other than a passion for advancing nonhuman animal welfare, it is not expected for our contributors to share the same or common worldviews, philosophies, theologies, or ethics.

US Edition

The US Edition of the Animal Law Digest is published weekly with the support of the Brooks McCormick Jr. Animal Law & Policy Program at Harvard Law School.

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Canada Edition

The Canada Edition of the Animal Law Digest is published twice monthly in collaboration with the University of Toronto Faculty of Law.

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