Our mission: pursuing a paradigm shift in human responsibility towards, and value of, nonhuman animals by advancing animal law, animal policy, and related interdisciplinary studies.

We believe there is an obligation that animals’ well-being (whether species, group wide, or individually) should be considered morally, legally, and ethically.

The Brooks Institute is dedicated to producing and disseminating outstanding independent academic and public policy research and programming, and pursuing projects and initiatives that further our mission. Our independence gives us the unique capability to facilitate new intelligence and collaboration.

We view ourselves as cultivators of a tree of knowledge, the fruit of which takes the form of the highest processed collaborative thinking and highest standards and integrity of scholarship and research. We hope that members of the animal protection community feel welcome to pick the fruit that best nurtures their own perspectives, initiatives, and advocacy efforts.

Essential Elements

Rigorous standard of excellence

Process and adhering to best practices are vital components in everything we do.

Strategic risk taking

"Failure, for us, is not trying something new and innovative" means not allowing the fear of 'failure' to hinder our attempt to forge a new pathway.


We facilitate and encourage interactive discussion and substantive planning across multiple perspectives and organizations.


We equip the animal law community and public with scholarly resources to be used for their individual missions.

Community building

We aim to create a synergistic environment that fosters new and enhanced relationships, collaborations, and inspiration.

Mission focused

Everything we do is building toward the paradigm shift we seek in animal law & policy.

Independent, unbiased, apolitical

Proceeding without a preconceived agenda, we facilitate neutral spaces for fresh thinking and collaborations in animal law.


How We Work

Brooks Institute fosters a neutral, synergistic environment where subject-matter experts are encouraged to brainstorm, collaborate, and produce new scholarship and research.

We are non-advocacy and apolitical. Instead, we make new and refined perspectives available to the animal protection community at-large. Community members are encouraged to consider our collaborative thinking, scholarship, and research and use it to advance their own projects and policies related to animal well-being, protection, and rights.

In keeping with the highest standards of independent inquiry, the Brooks Institute will never alter its research findings or conclusions to accommodate other interests, including those of funders, other organizations, or government bodies and officials.

We are in constant motion searching for and evaluating micro and macro gaps that the Brooks Institute can fill in innovative and collaborative fashion.

Our Ethos

As stewards of our fellow creatures, the Brooks Institute will impartially seek the truths, fresh perspectives, and innovative discoveries that enlighten animal law and policy; pursue excellence in procedure, research, and communication through integrity and highest standard studies; dedicate ourselves to careful, diligent, and independent processes, without pursuit of or advocacy for any preconceived outcome or political agenda; respect the collective potential of diverse, peer-reviewed collaboration; consider minority and dissenting positions to broaden our perspectives and evolve our analysis; and maintain an environment of mutual respect and consideration.

Views Expressed Disclaimer

The Brooks Institute is advancing animal welfare (inclusive of dignity, well-being, protection and other rights of consideration) through the collaboration of many diverse, interdisciplinary, and intersectional subject matter experts. Other than a passion for advancing nonhuman animal welfare and a willingness to collaborate with mutual respect and congeniality, it is not expected for our collaborators to share the same or common worldviews, philosophies, theologies, or ethics. While all of our studies are conducted with integrity and highest standard methodologies, they very well may have majority, minority, and even conflicting, dissenting, and alternative views in the search for better and best intelligence. Therefore, individual views and opinions expressed by the Brooks Institute, its employees, Scholars, Fellows, Advisors, and other collaborators must be viewed as being independent of one another and not as a reflection on another.

Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Statement

The Brooks Institute is committed in policy, principle, and practice to maintaining an environment which prohibits discriminatory behavior and provides equal opportunity for all persons. The Brooks Institute is committed to providing a welcoming and respectful work and collaborative environment in which all individuals may benefit from each other’s experiences and foster mutual respect and appreciation of divergent views.

The Brooks Institute’s inclusive culture extends to valuing the diversity of thought, backgrounds, experiences, and culture. We recognize the power of harnessing collective similarities and differences that help equip our organization and its collaborators to deliver on the Brooks Institute mission in a manner that is both sensitive and culturally competent.

The Brooks Institute prohibits discrimination based on race, color, religion, creed, sex, age, marital status, national origin, mental or physical disability, political belief or affiliation, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, genetic information, and any other class of individuals protected from discrimination under state or federal law.

Furthermore, Brooks Institute policy includes prohibitions of harassment of employees and its collaborators (scholars, fellows, advisors, delegates, participants, invitees, etc.), i.e. racial harassment, sexual harassment, and retaliation for filing complaints of discrimination.