Brooks Institute Scholars Research Fellowship Awarded to Mathilde Cohen

Mathilde Cohen, a George Williamson Crawford Professor at the University of Connecticut School of Law, has been awarded the Brooks Institute Scholars Research Fellowship.

The goal of the Scholars Research Fellowship is to support outstanding research that will advance the fields of animal law and policy. To be eligible for grants, principal investigators must be affiliated with an accredited academic institution or demonstrate a record of successful independent research. Full time faculty, graduate students, and independent researchers are all able to apply to the fellowship

Mathilde Cohen is a legal scholar focusing on understudied, embodied phenomena such as eating, lactation, and placenta consumption. Her published works examine these topics at the intersection of constitutional law, animal law, food law, and other disciplines in the United States and France.

During her fellowship, Cohen will work on a framework and policy analysis of how laws and policies can be reformed to support the feeding of baby humans in a way that reduces the suffering of lactating animals, in particular cattle. The research builds upon her scholarship on the idea of an interspecies right to breastfeed, lactation law, and the regulation of donor human milk and lab-grown human milk.

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