Brooks Institute LLM Fellowships: Announcing 2023-2024 Awardees Rachel de Graaf and Annie Sloan

Rachel de Graaf and Annie Sloan have been awarded the inaugural Brooks Institute LLM Fellowships for the 2023-2024 academic-year. The fellowship is administered by the Brooks Institute for Animal Rights Law and Policy.

The Brooks Institute for Animal Rights Law & Policy LLM Fellowships are designed for exceptional candidates seeking to engage in for-credit fellowship work while earning an Animal Law LLM as a full-time student in Portland, Oregon. The inaugural cohort of LLM Fellows are expected to create synergistic relationships among the fellows and academic faculty that will carry forward throughout their careers.

Rachel de Graaf, Lewis & Clark Law School

“Engaging with issues of theory, application, and practice at Lewis and Clark Law School, with its diverse array of animal law courses, would enable me to develop a reasoned and sustainable theoretical framework with which I could advocate for enhanced legal protection for nonhuman animals.”

Annie Sloan, Lewis & Clark Law School

 “The Animal Law LLM program at Lewis & Clark would allow me to immerse myself in courses like the Farmed Animal Protection Project, Food Law, and Animal Legal Philosophy. I would love to use my creative energy and enthusiasm for legal research and writing to change our food system and help connect animal consumption with cruelty, injustice, and climate change.”

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The Brooks Institute for Animal Rights Law and Policy, Inc. is a think-and-do tank pursuing a paradigm shift in human responsibility towards, and value of, nonhuman animals by advancing animal law, animal policy, and related interdisciplinary studies.