Thomas Poston

Yale Law School

"Our globalized economy—trade, foreign investment, international development—is often indifferent to the animal suffering that it perpetuates. I hope to analyze the harm which the legal and economic status quo does to the environment and animals in order to posit an alternative approach to international law and commerce that is capable of mitigating this harm. To render such a vision a practicable reality will require a robust understanding of potential legal and regulatory mechanisms by which to channel innovation and capital away from extraction and exploitation and toward a more regenerative model of economic development and interspecific prosperity."

Emma LeBlanc

Yale Law School

"I study contested formulations of personhood, especially as they relate to rights, citizenship, standing, and property. Given that non-human animals are already treated as moral persons in manifold everyday contexts, I am interested in how and why the law intervenes to thwart recognition of that personhood. My research explores how strategies of restricting the personhood of historically excluded groups, such as non-white racial minorities and women, are deployed against nonhuman animals in ways that obscure the complex interdependence of structures of oppression."

Angela Fernandez

Faculty of Law, University of Toronto


Doug Kysar

Yale Law School, Yale University


Justin Marceau

Sturm College of Law, University of Denver


Janice Nadler

Pritzker School of Law, Northwestern University


Kristen Stilt

Harvard Law School, Harvard University