Elizabeth MeLampy Photo
Elizabeth MeLampy

Harvard Law School

“I envision a project critically examining the role of language in the law, and arguing that language itself can be an imposition on cultural—here, species-based—minorities…I hope to explore how language is both a tool and a weapon in establishing legal categories and ultimately substantive justice.”

Mary Offutt-Reagin Photo
Mary Offutt-Reagin

Georgetown University Law Center

“I am particularly interested in constructions of the human and nonhuman as cultural performance, and in the effects of those cultural species delineations on societal policies. Using theories of philosopher of biology John Dupré as a starting point, I intend to examine how interpretations of who is (and is not) an “animal” constitute a species of folk taxonomy in the law, and how that taxonomy is both influenced by and influences cultural perceptions and protections of nonhuman animals.”

Andrew Stawasz Photo
Andrew Stawasz

Harvard Law School

“My interest in what policymaking processes capture and omit, combined with my interest in animal law, led me to my current research focus: how cost-benefit analyses systematically fail to account for nonhuman animals’ interests. Such omission yields policies that are insufficiently sensitive to harms that accrue, or foregone benefits that would accrue, to such animals. My ongoing writing projects argue that such insensitivity is unjustifiable as a matter of morality and of policy. They also suggest ways in which regulators can most tractably and accurately value nonhuman animals’ interests.”

Taimie Bryant

UCLA School of Law, University of California, Los Angeles


Maneesha Deckha

Faculty of Law, University of Victoria


Douglas Kysar

Yale Law School, Yale University


Justin Marceau

Sturm College of Law, University of Denver


Janice Nadler

Pritzker School of Law, Northwestern University


Kristen Stilt

Harvard Law School, Harvard University