Brooks Institute LLM Fellows

Rachel de Graaf
Lewis & Clark Law School

"My dedication to advancing empathy and legal protections for non-human animals has shaped my academic and professional journey. During law school, I expanded a network of like-minded individuals focused on raising awareness and improving legal safeguards for animals. My active involvement in the University of Victoria's Animal Justice Club executive board and participation in Animal Justice's Animal Law Conference deepened these connections. Academic coursework exposed me to diverse theoretical frameworks in animal law, and my role as a research assistant reiterated to me the importance of inclusive theoretical foundations for animal law. I seek to challenge anthropocentric and science-based reasoning that often leaves non-human animals unprotected, advocating for reforms that recognize the imbricated nature of the lives of non-human and human animals and ensure equal consideration and equitable protection for all non-human animals."

Annie Sloan
Lewis & Clark Law School

"My research is dedicated to studying the realities of food production and consumption. Our current food system and our moral relationships with other animals plainly make little sense but reevaluating habits and practices remains challenging. Through engagement with food studies and animal law I hope to help weaken the meat paradox’s appeal while highlighting the social and environmental benefits of alternative foodways."