For each of our operating committees and for special projects, initiatives, and interests, the Brooks Institute hosts and facilitates Summits. Such Summits convene the very top subject matter experts in animal law, animal policy, and animal studies from multiple disciplines. The aim is to hear from experts on what they think the most pressing questions are in the targeted subject matter.

Loosely modeled on a mini-version of the Bellagio Institute concept, a Summit is typically held over one to three days, with plenty of free time to mingle and exchange ideas in a less formal context. We often plan for each invited participant to lead a discussion on their ongoing or recently completed research or other endeavors. Our primary goal is to stimulate engaged dialogue and creative thinking across multiple disciplinary approaches in order to generate big and bold ideas about where the future of the target subject matter ought to be headed.

Often planned is asking each participant to commit to a 20-30-minute interview during the course of the event. This interview will be based on pre-circulated questions and cover topics relating to the participant’s own research or other endeavors, views on the past, present, and future of the participant’s field, and the participant’s assessment of the biggest challenges in research and practice facing animal protection efforts. These interviews may be recorded, transcribed (subject to the participant’s edits), and published under the Brooks Institute name. There may also be produced a possible podcast or video series based on the interviews. We hope published report and any related voice or video material will have a strong influence on the next generation of research and thinking in the field.

Our Summits are really a unique opportunity for brainstorming and networking of subject matter experts interested in the intersection of animal studies with application to law and policy.

Brooks Institute Recent Summits

Animal Legal and Policy Studies Summit 2019