Animal Advocacy Group Alleges that “Heart-Check” Beef Certification Misleads Consumers

Animal Outlook filed a lawsuit against the American Heart Association (“AHA”) over its “Heart-Check” certification mark, which is available for purchase by meat producers that wish to use it on their beef product labels. The complaint alleges that AHA is violating D.C. consumer protection laws by failing to disclose that the “Heart-Check” certification is purchased, and misleads consumers into thinking beef products are “heart healthy” when they cause heart disease. The lawsuit also includes common law claims for negligent misrepresentation and unjust enrichment related to AHA selling a certification that Animal Outlook believes is factually false and violates AHA’s purported organizational philosophy. Animal Outlook is seeking injunctive relief and treble damages as well as restitution for affected consumers. Waymaker LLP is representing Animal Outlook in the lawsuit.