Mexican Authorities Confiscate Hundreds of Exotic and Domestic Animals from a Well-Known Roadside Zoo in Mexico

Mexico City’s mayor directed police to raid Eduardo Serio’s Black Jaguar-White Tiger, a roadside zoo made popular by celebrity visitors, after receiving complaints about neglect and suffering of animals. Mexican authorities have posted the property with legal notices citing unlicensed animal shelter operations and animal abuse after photos circulated showing emaciated big cats languishing and suffering from injuries and insect infestations. The Association of Zoos, Breeders, and Aquariums of Mexico is overseeing the rescue and rehoming of more than two hundred lions, tigers, jaguars, mountain lions, monkeys, dogs, coyotes, and donkeys found living in deplorable conditions. Mexico’s Attorney General is pursuing an investigation into Serio for “extreme abandonment and mistreatment of hundreds of large felines,” after finding extremely malnourished cats who had been denied veterinary care and food to the point that some had begun eating their tails to avoid starvation.