Nebraska Bills Direct State Congressional Delegation to Pass Legislation Supporting Small Farmers, Ranchers, and Small Meat Processors

Nebraska Legislative Resolution 242 urges the congressional delegation of Nebraska “to pass legislation that supports farmers, ranchers, and small meat processors without compromising food safety standards and foreign market access.” The resolution aims to support small farmers and meat producers who are not federally inspected in the event that U.S. House Resolution 5246, the “Expanding Markets for State-Inspected Meat Processors Act,” becomes law and amends the Federal Meat Inspection Act to allow the interstate sale of meat that is inspected by states rather than by the USDA’s Food Safety & Inspection Service. Nebraska Legislative Bill 235 has been reintroduced and would authorize the establishment of a state-run meat processing inspection program. Both LR 242 and LB 235 have been referred to the Senate Committee on Agriculture.