Washington State Bill Would Establish Labeling Requirements for Plant-based and Cultivated Meat

Washington House Bill 1909, “an act relating to misbranding of meat and poultry products,” would define a “meat, poultry, or finfish analogue” as “misbranded” if it “utilizes an identifiable meat term” without using a qualifier such as "plant-based," "vegan," "meatless," "meat-free," "vegetarian," "veggie," "made from plants," "veggie-based," "cell-based," "cultured," or "lab-grown." The bill further would require retailers that sell beef to “make an effort” to display beef as “U.S.A. beef” if it is born, raised, and slaughtered in Washington State or elsewhere in the United States, or was raised and slaughtered in the United States without spending more than sixty days in a foreign country. The bill has been referred to the House Committee on Rural Development, Agriculture, & Natural Resources