Louisiana Considers Creating Crime of Unlawful Possession, Transfer, or Manufacture of Animal Fighting Paraphernalia

Louisiana Senate Bill 144 would make it unlawful to possess, purchase, sell, transfer, or manufacture animal fighting paraphernalia “with the intent to engage in, promote, or facilitate animal fighting.” “Animal fighting paraphernalia” is defined as “equipment, products, implements, or materials of any kind that are used, intended for use, or designed for use in the training, preparation, conditioning, or furtherance of animal fighting, and includes but is not limited to . . . breaking sticks, cat mills, treadmills, fighting pits, spring poles, unprescribed veterinary medicine, veterinary treatment supplies, [and] spurs, gaffs, knives, leather training spur covers, slashers, heels, or any other sharp implement designed to be attached in place of the natural spur of a cock or game fowl.”