February 7, 2024

Having, Getting, and Keeping an Animal Law Class


This webinar, Having, Getting, and Keeping an Animal Law Course, will feature of panel of animal law adjuncts and one law professor with varying degrees of experience teaching animal law representing diverse perspectives. They work with public and private schools and teach seminar, traditional classes, and experiential courses. Some are new to teaching and others have taught for a decade or two. The panelists will focus on some of the pragmatic aspects of working with law school administrations and student bodies and offer tips to make the work more successful.

  • Rebecca Critser (IU McKinney School of Law (Indianapolis), Johns Hopkins University - Johns Hopkins University)
  • Ralph Henry (Antonin Scalia Law School, George Mason, Georgetown University Law Center - HSUS)
  • Will Lowrey (Vermont Law School, University of Oklahoma College of Law - Animal Partisan)
  • Nancy Perry (The George Washington University Law School, Lewis & Clark Law School - ASPCA)
  • Conley Wouters (University of Illinois Chicago Law)