April 6, 2021

Ushering in a New Age of Animal Advocacy

The Center for Animal Law Studies is proud to announce this year's Animal Law LLM thesis presentations featuring candidates Tara Cooley and Jessica Chapman. Their presentations interrogate the foundation of animal protection laws and seek to usher in new paradigms to empower animal advocates and end cycles of abuse.

Tara Cooley - "Courtroom Animal Advocate Programs: Their Purpose, Implementation, and Impact"

Numerous states will propose or enact Courtroom Animal Advocate Programs (CAAPs) in 2021. The success of a CAAP depends on the ability of the state to train and assign advocates to cases throughout the state. This presentation will discuss concerns and strategies related to the successful implementation of CAAPs.

Jessica Chapman - "Ending Human-Animal Abuse Cycles Through the Use of Trauma-Informed Therapy"

Trauma from abuse frequently occurs because of experienced abuse or through learned violence. Abuse and learned violence often involve animals or the use of animals in animal-exploitative industries. This presentation will discuss potential methods to end the human-to-animal and human-to-human abuse cycles, by working with individuals who committed abuse, to heal their personal abuse- or learned violence-derived trauma.