March 6, 2021

Navigating the Regulatory Waters for Aquatic Animals

Aquatic animals constitute a large percentage of the living population on planet earth. Yet many people have insufficient knowledge and many misconceptions about these creatures and their place in our shared world. The public often know little of aquatic animals’ sentience and capacities and the science related to these characteristics; how these animals are utilized and impacted by human animals; or how our regulatory systems impact these issues.

While there is growing environmental and conservation awareness supporting efforts to protect certain aquatic species and habitats, they face an ever-increasing number of threats. These go largely unnoticed, and our regulatory regimes have failed to properly account for them. These failures have had, and continue to have, a detrimental effect not only on these animals, but on our planet, and even humans themselves.

The panel will discuss legal and policy issues pertaining to aquatic animals. It will provide background information, including the variety of types of aquatic animals, how we use and impact them, and relevant scientific considerations. It will also cover unique and common legal issues in the USA, New Zealand, Chile, South Africa, Europe, Asia and internationally as they relate to aquatic animals.

It will explore how lawyers working in these jurisdictions are navigating the current legal regimes to better protect these often forgotten nonhuman animals. It will highlight some recent legal and market developments that offer protections for aquatic animals, and highlight what lies ahead for the future.

1. Professor Kathy Hessler
2. Amy P. Wilson
3. Diego F. Plaza
4. Bianka Atlas
5. Lyudmila Shegay

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