April 29, 2021

Factory Farming and Animal Suffering

Join us for the first of three virtual events in our spring CultureShift Conversations series!

The theme of our spring series is Big Ag: Basics and Breakthroughs. For our first conversation, FFAC's Executive Director, Monica Chen, will be sitting down with David Coman-Hidy to discuss animal suffering in industrial animal agriculture. 

Guest bio: As President of The Humane League (THL), David Coman-Hidy leads strategic and programmatic efforts to end the abuse of animals raised for food. Under his leadership, THL has grown into an international presence with staff spanning from Atlanta to Tokyo—winning hundreds of campaigns against some of the largest food corporations in the world and reaching millions of people each year with a message of compassion for farm animals. David has spoken on factory farming and effective advocacy at conferences and on campuses across the country. He has advised dozens of successful campaigns, and his work has been covered by the Washington Post, Wired, National Geographic, and more. He lives in Brooklyn, NY with his partner and two lively cats.

More information can be found here