February 24, 2021

Desmond's Law: Past, Present, Future

Framing the legal and jurisprudential issues is Prof. David Rosengard of Lewis & Clark Law School;

Team CONNECTICUT (where Desmond's Law was initiated and enacted in 2016):

  • Prof. Jessica Rubin, Univ. of Connecticut Law School who runs an Animal Law clinic, supervising students to become advocates for abused animals;
  • Diana Urban, Frm. Rep. of Connecticut who drafted and sponsored the bill;
  • Zilla Cannamela, Founder and organizer of Desmond's Army of volunteers;
  • Neil Kelly, Bridgeport prosecutor describes his experience with advocates;
  • Thomas O'Brien, Hartford prosecutor opines on UConn's student animal law clinic and how they have assisted at trial

Team NEW JERSEY (bill S.2868/A.4533 has passed the Senate Judiciary Committee and must pass the Assembly Judiciary Committee and full Senate)

  • Sen. Raymond Lesniak describes New Jersey's legislative process and why the law is needed;
  • Sen. Nicholas Scutari recounts the bill's success in the Senate's Judiciary Committee (11:0) and the challenge of passing the full Senate;
  • Assemblyman Raj Mukherji lists members of the Assembly judiciary committee and tells us how we can help him move the bill

Team NEW YORK (bill S.3525 was re-Introduced for the 2021-2022 legislative session)

  • Assemblymember Linda Rosenthal traces New York's legislative process and why the law is needed;
  • Sen. Bailey anticipates challenges to the bill and relates how constituents can assist;
  • Fmr. Judge Nicholas DeMartino introduces us to VALAC-- his Volunteer Advocate Lawyer for Abused Animals in Court-- as well as some exceptional rescued dogs.

More information can be found here