September 21, 2023

Animal Rights Law - A book discussion with Raffael Fasel & Sean Butler


Do animals have legal rights? Recent court cases—from Happy the elephant in the United States to Estrellita the wooly monkey in Ecuador—have put deep questions about the ways in which animals are (not) protected by the law squarely in the public eye. An important new textbook, Animal Rights Law (Hart Publishing 2023), tells readers everything they need to know about the emerging field of animal rights law. Based on a popular course run by the authors at the University of Cambridge, the book takes the reader from the earliest anti-cruelty laws to modern animal welfare laws, to recent attempts to grant basic rights and personhood to animals. To help readers understand this legal evolution, authors Raffael Fasel and Sean Butlerexplain the ethics, legal theory, and social issues behind animal rights and connected topics such as property, subjecthood, dignity, and human rights. In this talk, moderated by LEAP Student Fellow Thomas Poston, Dr. Fasel and Dr. Butler will discuss their impressive new volume as well as the current state and potential future of this developing legal field.

This event is co-sponsored with the Yale Animal Ethics Study Group, the Yale Animal Law Society, Yale Environmental Humanities, and the Yale Environmental Law Association.


Raffael Fasel & Sean Butler