One Earth Article- To Accompany Brooks Animal Law Digest No. 204.pdf

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Researchers at Stanford University published an article in One Earth finding that the EU and US have been “slow to act decisively to mitigate the environmentally damaging role played by the dominant animal production systems” and have “largely ignored the mitigation potential of niche technologies that provide viable alternatives” (such as precision fermentation and animal cell cultivation) to help curtail the vast environmental impacts of industrial animal agriculture. The article determined that “[p]ublic funding for the[se] novel technologies is smaller than that for animal products by factors of 1,200 in the EU and 800 in the US.” The authors concluded that “[a] shift in food policy is required to improve technologies to produce sustainable alternatives to animal-source products and reduce the environmental impact of the food system.”

[To accompany Academic Update "Research Shows Policies in the EU and US Preserve Animal Farming Status Quo to the Detriment of the Environment and Plant-Based Alternatives " from Brooks Animal Law Digest Issue No. 204]