January 26, 2021

Animal Rights Law Course by Cambridge Center for Animal Rights Law

One of the key missions of the Cambridge Centre for Animal Rights Law is to give students the tools they require to understand existing animal welfare laws and to reflect critically on fundamental animal rights laws.

Since 2017, we have been offering the extracurricular course Animal Rights Law at the Cambridge Law Faculty. Our extracurricular course is organised in the same manner as a Cambridge half-paper, which means that it is taught in sixteen 1-hour sessions. The course proceeds in three parts, covering, first, the history and the status quo of animal welfare laws, second, the philosophy and legal theory of animal rights, and third, the practical implications of animal rights, including model animal rights laws and animal rights cases. Our course is currently offered on a no credit-basis. It is not part of the undergraduate or postgraduate degrees offered by the Faculty or any other formal programme. The course is open to all Cambridge students and external students upon request. An overview of our course syllabus is available here.

More information can be found here