January 25, 2021

Animal Justice Academy

Animal Justice Academy is a FREE 6-week online advocacy bootcamp to empower you to make a better world for animals, taking place January 25-March 5, 2021.

Join over 80 animal advocacy leaders in 40 days of unprecedented learning, community, and collective action.

Animal Justice Academy Will Help You To...

  • take action for animals in ways that use your unique skills and suit your personality and situation
  • no longer be at a loss for words around animal issues
  • find ways to grow compassion for animals into your own geographical and cultural communities
  • create habits to avoid burnout and that keep you resilient, energized, and loving 
  • feel like you have a solid grasp on a variety of animal issues and potential solutions
  • determine advocacy initiatives you’d like to work on and the strategies and action steps to execute them
  • connect with others who care the way you do and learn from each other’s advocacy journeys
  • make the work you do for animals have more impact and take less energy


  • Week 1: Animal Advocacy: The Foundations
  • Week 2: Advocacy in Our Communities
  • Week 3: Engaging in the Political System
  • Week 4: Exposing Animal Exploitation
  • Week 5: Expanding Your Influence & Engaging Media
  • Week 6: Empowering Yourself as an Advocate

More information can be found here.