Does A Bear Film In The Woods_ Couple's Suit Says Yes - Law360- To Accompany 2023-06-05) Weekly Digest No 192

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A Connecticut couple have sued Connecticut's department of energy and environmental protection over a wild bear collared with a camera. The complaint alleges that the agency released the camera-carrying bear in the vicinity of the couple’s property and the bear subsequently came within 200 yards of their house. The couple claims this violates their Fourth Amendment rights and filed suit in the District of Connecticut requesting injunctive relief and destruction of all photographic evidence. According to media reports, the couple’s allegations “come against the background of state court litigation in which the Town of Hartland has accused the couple and Mark Brault's wildlife and nature tour business, Nature Havens LLC, of unlawfully feeding bears on their property.”

[To accompany Case Law Update "Connecticut Couple Files Lawsuit Over Camera-Toting Bear” from Brooks Animal Law Digest Issue No. 192]