July 22-29, 2021

Animals and Climate Emergency Conference

Sydney, NSW, Australia

Minding Animals International Incorporated (MAI) and the Centre for Compassionate Conservation (CfCC) at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) have joined forces to bring you the inaugural Animals and Climate Emergency Conference (ACEC).

This conference builds on over a decade of highly successful animal studies conferences organised by MAI.  This event will incorporate the 5th Minding Animal Conference and the 1st Compassionate Conservation Oceania Conference.

The conference will also feature a distinct Critical Animal Studies Day to be organised by the Human Animal Research Network (HARN) at the University of Sydney with the support from the Institute for Critical Animal Studies (ICAS) Oceania.

While there is an ever growing body of evidence on the impacts and immediacy of a changing climate, there is a distinct lack of awareness in what local communities can do to help mitigate the effects on wildlife in their local area during the climate emergency.  MAI and CfCC will also bring together academics and grassroots animal protection organisations in a ‘Meeting of Minds’ to discuss:

  • How animal protection organisation are reacting to the emergency;
  • How the climate emergency is impacting animals and how those impacts can be alleviated;
  • How academics can engage in this process and with animal protection organisations; and,
  • How to stimulate solutions to help impart real change for animals, locally and globally.

More information may be found here.