July 8, 2020

Animal Rights Law: For or Against - An Interview with Richard Cupp

The Cambridge Centre for Animal Rights Law has conducted a series of online interviews with senior academics and lawyers working in animal rights and animal welfare law on the theme “Animal Rights Law: For or Against”. Our guests approach this theme from a range of different perspectives, and the interviews cover issues including

  • the way forward: welfare, rights, or a third approach;

  • the challenges facing animal rights law;

  • the concept of animal rights law (i.e., some degree of autonomous legal rights for animals) as compared with the concept of animal welfare law (i.e., some degree of limitation on human behaviour);

  • issues within animal rights law which may make it more or less feasible as a direction, such as an economic paradigm shift; and

  • issues around the legal status of animals.

This week's guest is Richard Cupp.

More information may be found here.