San Luis Obispo Coastkeeper; Los Padres ForestWatch, VS. Santa Maria Valley Water Conservation District, U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, et al. AND Golden State Water Company; City of Santa Maria


The Ninth Circuit found that operation of the Twitchell Dam in California violates the Endangered Species Act (ESA) by interfering with the reproductive migration of the Southern California Steelhead, a type of trout. As a result, the case is heading back to District Court for the Court to decide details of California water law and how the relevant government agencies might come into compliance with the ESA. The case was brought by San Luis Obispo Coastkeeper and Los Padres ForestWatch against the relevant government agencies.

[To accompany Federal Court Action Case Law Update "Ninth Circuit Revives Trout Migration Lawsuit" from Brooks Animal Law Digest Issue No. 158.]