September 8, 2022

Academic Activism


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Profs, published papers, and policy change… It’s not an area of animal activism most people think about, but the role of academia in the animal protection movement is a vital one.

In this special pre-Canadian Animal Law Conference gathering, we'll have four animal activists share how they’re trying to create a better world for animals through their scholarly pursuits.

They’ll share some of the cutting edge academic research and teaching they’re involved in around animal protection, including “quasi-personhood”, overcoming the rhetoric of the meat industry, examining the abuse of nonhuman animals in incarcerating humans, and how to fight agricultural exceptionalism.

We’ll also discuss how they navigate the pressure within the academic community to play down their activism, and find out from the professors in this crew how students are responding to the animal content in their courses.

Join us for the chat and Q&A on Zoom September 8th, 2022 at NOON ET:

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