September 23, 2022

Why Animal Voices Matter for Law & Policy: A Talk with Eva Meijer


Join us the 23rd of September at 1:00pm EST for a virtual lecture presented by Eva Meijer, philosopher and writer. Meijer works as a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Amsterdam (NL), on the four-year research project The politics of (not) eating animals, supported by a Veni grant from the Dutch Research Council, and at Wageningen University and Research (NL) in the project Anthropocene ethics: Taking animal agency seriously. She is the chair of the Dutch study group for Animal Philosophy.

In this talk Eva Meijer will argue that this is a political problem, which is connected to their position in society. Power relations determine who gets a chance to speak, and what counts as language. But what animals say also matters with regard to forming better social and political relations with them. Their voices need to be included in existing political institutions and practices for democratic reasons and we need to develop new political institutions and practices with them. Listening is an important part of this project.