August 22, 2022

Draft Your FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) Request


The Freedom of Information Act is an amazing tool that activists and journalists have used to help animals. Learn how Wednesday August 22nd.

Join WolfWatcher Nancy Warren, Muckrock CEO Michael Morisy, environmental hero David Bahr and lawyers from Earthjustice, Center for Biological Diversity and Sierra Club on August 22nd from 5:30 to 8:00PM ET. They will describe, step-by-step, how YOU can draft your own FOIA requests to discover and relieve the suffering of laboratory animals, farm animals and wildlife. Lawyer, filmmaker and journalist King Downing concludes by exploring ways lawyers and activists can ally if/when agencies charge excessive fees, stonewall, abuse exemptions or redact most of your data.

  • Nancy Warren, Exec. Director of National Wolfwatcher Coalition;
  • Michael Morisy, CEO of MuckRock, former editor of Boston Globe;
  • David Bahr, Esq., Bahr Law Offices, P.C.;
  • Benjamin Levitan, Esq. Earthjustice;
  • Amy Atwood, Esq. Center for Biological Diversity ;
  • Sanjay Narayan, Esq., Sierra Club ; and
  • King Downing, Esq., Founder of Human Rights-Racial Justice Center.