September 27, 2022

Animal Rights PhD Researcher Networking Workshop


PhD researchers working on animal rights and connected fields are invited to submit abstracts of up to 300 words for this online workshop. The event will be an opportunity for researchers to give short presentations on their work, meet with other researchers working on similar topics, and gain careers advice from established academics.

After presentations, there will be an opportunity to ask established academics careers questions, such as on publishing, responding to reviewers, teaching practice, applying for grants, etc.

This workshop will be held online via MS Teams.


Organiser: Dr. Steve Cooke, Associate Professor of Political Theory, University of Leicester.

  • Prof. Alasdair Cochrane, University of Sheffield. Prof Cochrane is a professor of political theory with research interests that include environmental ethics, animal ethics and bioethics. He is the author of Should Animals Have Political Rights, and Sentientist Politics A Theory of Global Inter-Species Justice.
  • Dr. Angela Martin, Basel University. Dr. Martin is a philosopher working in applied ethics and bioethics, with a particular interest in medical ethics, animal ethics and environmental ethics.
  • Dr. Steve Cooke, University of Leicester. Dr. Cooke is a political philosopher with interests in animal rights activism and justice for nonhuman animals.