September 10, 2022

New South Wales Animal Law Conference 2022: Within the Confines

Sydney, NSW, Australia

The Animal Law Conference is a one-day conference event open to students, lawyers and members of the public. The theme for 2022, ‘Within the Confines’ aims to highlight how current laws in areas other than animal law are being enlivened by legal advocates as a practical means of advancing and protecting animal welfare.

The theme explores the way in which animal lawyers are using existing laws such as consumer law, criminal law, contract law, environmental law, and constitutional law to help animals.

While animal law is still a relatively new area of law, this year's Conference will be celebrating the work of lawyers and advocates who have pushed the boundaries of the legal framework so that animals can be included within its' consideration.


Numerous guest speakers from a variety of legal backgrounds will be presenting their ideas and thoughts on recent legislative and policy reforms.