July 1-5, 2022

ALC Webinar Week : Multilateral Perspectives in Animal Protection and Practice


ALC (Animal Law Centre, NALSAR University) is conducting India's first week long webinar, where we have panels and individual speakers from across India and the world to deconstruct the movement, and elucidate on the necessity for involvement from the community. The theme of the Webinar series is "Multilateral Perspectives in Animal Protection and Practice".

The idea behind the webinar is to demystify the notion that an education, or careers in the animal protection space are non-rewarding, or as a lot of students in India may believe, are non-existent. Our speakers come from a varied range of experience, and through this webinar series, we would like to create an open floor where animal welfare organizations, practitioners, researchers and students can collaborate and discuss the causal nature of animal welfare, environmental welfare and public health can help lead us to a more compassionate and sustainable planet.