Paw and Order #49: Beyond Cages with Professor Justin Marceau

In this episode, Peter sits down with Professor Justin Marceau of the Sturm College of Law at the University of Denver. The two discuss Professor Marceau’s recent book Beyond Cages, which critiques the US animal rights movement’s historical emphasis on cruelty prosecutions and punishment, and questions the moral implications of promoting human incarceration while seeking animal liberation.

Hosts Peter & Camille also discuss the ongoing problems with Starbucks’ selection of non-dairy milks, recent calls for the Supreme Court of Canada to ditch its fur-trimmed ceremonial robes in favour of animal-friendly attire, and the planned permanent return of the Ontario spring bear hunt, which is guaranteed to orphan vulnerable bear cubs.

This episode’s hero is actor Joaquin Phoenix for his stunning speech after winning big at the Oscars, and the zero is the International Boat Show for illegally forcing a waterskiing squirrel to perform in Toronto and Vancouver.

Justin Marceau is the chairperson of the Brooks Institute Scholars Committee, a member of the Executive Committee, as well as the representative from the University of Denver within the Brooks Animal Studies Academic Network. In this podcast episode Camille and Peter also discuss Camille's attendance at the inaugural Brooks Congress 2020.