March 13, 2020

Animal Law Review Symposium

Animal Law and the Modern Political Landscape

Please join us on Friday, March 13th of 2020 for Lewis & Clark Law School’s 9th Annual Animal Law Review Symposium. Every year our Annual Animal Law Symposium has a theme that reflects the dynamic and groundbreaking nature of the animal law field. The theme for our symposium this year is Animal Law and the Modern Political Landscape. This year’s symposium will examine the unique historical moment we currently occupy and how that moment’s characteristics affect the interests of animals. Animal Law Review has arranged for a special group of experts in the field to speak at this year’s symposium.


Carol J. Adams, Feminist-vegan advocate, activist, and independent scholar and the author of numerous books including her pathbreaking The Sexual Politics of Meat: A Feminist-Vegetarian Critical Theory

Clifton Roberts, Former US Senate and Presidential Candidate of the Humane Party Global Director, Cloud & Data Policy for Intel

Jordan Reichert, Deputy leader of the Animal Protection Party of Canada and the West Coast Campaign Officer for the Animal Alliance of Canada

Alicia Prygoski, Legislative Affairs Director for the Animal Legal Defense Fund

Nick Fromherz, Staff Attorney for the International Environmental Law Project

The Animal Law Litigation Clinic of Lewis & Clark Law School

Raj Reddy, Director, Animal Law LL.M. Program, Lewis & Clark Law School

Russ Mead, Shared Earth Foundation Visiting Professor, Lewis & Clark Law School, Ethics and Moral Implications

More information may be found here.