March 6, 2020

11th Annual Animal Law Conference - Illinois State Bar Association

Don’t miss ISBA’s 11 th Annual Animal Law Conference, which highlights important animal law updates and examines the advances made in this rapidly-evolving area of practice. Animal law attorneys, general practitioners, environmental/natural resources lawyers, and counsel for municipalities with all levels of practice experience who attend this seminar will better understand:

  • The current state of the puppy mill industry in Illinois;
  • How civil litigation is being used to help the treatment of farm animals;
  • The role of undercover investigations in animal law;
  • The ongoing legislative and regulatory reform in the horse racing industry, including the Horseracing Integrity Act;
  • The considerations that go into implementing animal protection legislation in Illinois;
  • How to apply the “Well-Being of the Companion Animal” in marriage dissolution cases;
  • The recent developments in the pet insurance industry;
  • How mandatory animal encounter training can help reduce the number of dogs shot by police officers;
  • What Lewis & Clark’s Aquatic Animal Law Initiative is doing to help aquatic animals; and
  • Much more.

More information may be found here