February 13-14, 2020

ISBA Central and Southern Illinois Animal Law Conference

Increase your understanding of important animal law issues with this annual conference that’s designed for attorneys with all levels of practice experience. Topics include:

  • The new provision in the Illinois Marriage Dissolution Act requiring courts to take the family pet’s well-being into consideration;
  • Understanding the factors that influence the physical, emotional, and cognitive well-being of a pet;
  • How to conduct an evidentiary hearing regarding pet custody under the new Marriage Dissolution provision in a contested divorce;
  • How the opioid crisis is affecting veterinary practices;
  • What is being done to confront the puppy mill problem;
  • An update on national emergency response, and also what the Shawnee Preparedness and Response Coalition (SPARC) has been doing since 2017 to create an emergency preparedness plan for pets;
  • Caselaw update on searches using detection dogs, and how Illinois’ changing marijuana laws might affect the use of drug detection dogs;
  • What (and how!) New Mexico has been able to successfully protect its wildlife;
  • What has been done to promote sustainable agriculture, plant-based products, and improved conditions for farm animals in Illinois; and
  • Much more.

More information may be found here.