April 12, 2022

CLE BC's Animal Law Conference - Animal Law 101


Who should attend: Lawyers interested in animal law, lawyers interested in developing a new practice, litigators, lawyers who practice family law, wills & estates lawyers, criminal law, or environmental law.

Learning level: Fundamental/Intermediate

Animal law is more than just dog bite law. Animals pervade our lives and the law. Human and animal lives are interconnected. Animals provide companionship, work for us, share our environment, and are a food source for some. Issues involving companion and wild animals arise in family, small claims, environmental, criminal, traffic, ticket & bylaw cases in the courtroom and in many other matters outside the courtroom. Find out about this growing area of law and how it intersects with mainstream practice areas and your own practice.

At this course, you will learn the basics about animal law and will:

  • gain an understanding of the history and current state of the legal treatment of animals
  • discover how animals currently participate in the courtroom
  • find out how animal law intersects with main stream practice areas such as family law, wills and estates, business law, criminal law, and more
  • learn best practices for expanding your practice to include animal law

Join us for the inaugural course on animal law for an introduction to this growing practice area from leaders in the field.

Law Society of BC CPD Hours: 3 hours (this course does not contain professional responsibility and ethics, client care and relations, and/or practice management)