September 28, 2021

Enforcing Against Animal Cruelty, Prosecution, and Beyond

We are welcoming guest speakers, Edie Bowles from Advocates for Animals and Jacob Llyod from Animal Protection Services.

Jacob will be discussing the important work of Animal Protection Services; how they conduct investigations and prosecution. Calling on examples from Advocates for Animals casework, Edie will discuss a range of legal tools that can be used to enforce animal protection laws.

Edie is a solicitor and co-founder of Advocates for Animals, the UK's first animal protection law firm. Edie is a specialised animal protection lawyer, representing clients across a whole range of animal issues, from ensuring welfare laws are adhered to with kept animals through to protecting wildlife from hunting.

Jacob is the director and head of investigations at Animal Protection Services, a registered charity that investigates and prosecutes organised animal cruelty. Prior to joining Animal Protection Services, Jacob worked for local government in the investigation of environmental crime.

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