July 20, 2021

Critical Caselaw: An Animal-Forward Approach to 1st Amendment Jurisprudence

The art humans make and the spirituality humans practice have involved animals throughout time. As such, it is no surprise that animal cases have given rise to some of this nation’s most notable 1st Amendment rulings, both for freedoms of speech and religious freedoms. The stories these cases tell are complex, and woven throughout is an often unspoken question: how significantly do the rights of animals weigh in the arena of human constitutional rights? Join David B. Rosengard, Animal Legal Defense Fund Managing Attorney, for an exploration of these cases and their implications through the lens of animal law. In doing so, we will discuss not only court opinions and dissents, but also examine how considering these cases in the context of animal interests challenges established readings, untangles seeming contradictions, and helps us build caselaw that is better for humans and animals alike. A brief Q&A to follow.

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