Ontario Court of Appeal Dismisses Windsor Dog Custody Appeal

The Ontario Court of Appeal dismissed a motion regarding custody of a Newfoundland dog named Lemmy. Greg Marentette and Samantha Roberts of Windsor have been engaged in a legal dispute concerning the dog since 2019. Roberts was originally hired by Marentette in March 2016 to look after Lemmy while he was at work. Roberts argued that over time she was caring for Lemmy more than Marentette and refused to return the dog. Marentette was successful in his small-claims lawsuit against Roberts. Roberts unsuccessfully attempted to have the decision overturned by the Divisional Court. Her leave to appeal was denied by the Ontario Court of Appeal and the court ordered her to pay $5000 in legal fees. Marentette’s lawyer, Joseph De Luca, states that Roberts should cover the full sum of Marentette’s legal fees, which surpass $15,000. Lemmy has been in Roberts’ care throughout, and Marentette has yet to be reunited with the dog. Roberts has reportedly not responded to efforts to arrange a reunion with Lemmy, and Marentette states he is considering legal steps to attempt to force Roberts to return the dog to him. Read more herehere, and here.