Halifax Woman Charged for Assaulting Police Officer Responding to Dog Left in Hot Car

A seventy-six-year-old woman received charges for assaulting a police officer who responded to a dog being left in a hot vehicle in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Halifax Regional Police received a complaint on July 20th concerning a dog being left inside a car in a parking lot. Temperatures in Halifax that day exceeded twenty-eight degrees celsius. Witnesses reported to police that the dog had been left in the vehicle for over twenty minutes. Police state that the animal appeared to be in distress, so the officers quickly took the dog from the car and gave water. When the dog’s owner returned to her vehicle, police state that she assaulted one of the officers and was arrested at the scene. The unnamed woman will face a charge of assaulting a peace officer, and police state she was additionally issued a summary offence ticket for causing an animal to be in distress. The woman is scheduled to appear in Halifax provincial court at a later date. Given the heat warnings in effect for mainland Nova Scotia, Halifax police took the opportunity to urge pet owners not to leave animals in parked vehicles. Read more here and here.