Canadian Food Inspection Agency to Ban Dog Imports from 109 Countries

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) will ban the import of commercial dogs from 109 countries beginning 28 September 2022. In their Notice to Industry, the CFIA states that the ban applies to countries at high-risk for dog rabies (different from other strains of rabies). Although Canada has no current cases of dog rabies, in 2021 two dogs were imported with the disease, which can be fatal to dogs and humans without proper vaccination. The new policy considers dogs brought to Canada for adoption to be commercial dogs, and contains no exemptions for rescue, or dogs in humanitarian crises such as in Ukraine and Afghanistan. Animal Justice reports concern that the CFIA failed to consult with animal welfare agencies before making the decision which will impact international dog rescue organizations, and failed to consider alternative rabies prevention measures, such as vaccines, antibody tests, and quarantines. Read the CFIA’s Notice here and read more here.