British Columbia Court Denies Refund for Veterinary Services

In Mason v City of Coquitlam, the Civil Resolution Tribunal (CRT) denied Hazel Mason a refund for $384.05. Hazel Mason lost her elderly cat named Zuki, who was found by a member of the public and delivered to the Coquitlam animal shelter. After a few hours of Zuki being lost, Mason called the shelter and was told that Zuki was receiving veterinary care. The next morning, the shelter required Mason to pay the $384.05 bill before Zuki could be released, which she did. Mason sought reimbursement, claiming that the veterinary care was not necessary. The Tribunal found that the shelter’s actions were in accordance with the relevant laws, but did order the City to pay Mason $76.46 ($62.50 in CRT fees, $13.91 for veterinary expense overcharge, and $0.05 in pre-judgment interest). Read the judgment here.