Ontario Animal Care Review Board Denies Farmer’s Request to Vary Consent Order

In Ray v Chief Animal Welfare Inspector, Associate Chair Stephanie Zwicker Slavens denied the appellant Walter Ray’s motion to amend a Consent Order. The request stems from an investigation which led to the seizure of 101 cows from Ray’s property in December 2021 (see Issue 5, Enforcement Updates). The Consent Order, which was an agreement by both parties and accepted by the court, included an item stating that proceeds from the sale of any of the 101 cows would be held by the Chief Animal Welfare Inspector. Ray sought for the proceeds of sale instead to be held by a Mr. DeNure of Hoards Station Livestock Exchange. As the respondent Chief Animal Welfare Inspector did not agree to any variation in the Consent Order, it was not in the Board’s power to vary the Consent Order. Read the decision here.