Quebec Member of Parliament Submits Petition to End No-Pet Clauses in Residential Leases

Quebec Member of Parliament Manon Massé submitted a petition asking the provincial government to ban no-pet clauses in residential leases. The “Keeping Families Together” campaign run by the Montreal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) gained support from Massé in April 2022 (see Issue 13, Other Updates) and garnered 33,157 signatures on the petition presented to the National Assembly. The petition recognizes that no-pet clauses in residential leases disproportionately affect low-income persons and can force them to choose between their companion animals and affordable housing. The petition states “[w]e the undersigned, ask the Government of Québec to render all clauses prohibiting animals in residential leases null and without effect.” Read the petition here, watch MP Massé submit the petition here (submission beginning at 38:47) and read the transcript here.