City of Toronto Animal Bylaw Review Considering Prohibition of Feeding Wildlife and Limiting Fast-Breeding Pets

The City of Toronto has been undergoing an Animal Bylaw review since November 2021 to improve the coexistence of humans and wildlife, decrease nuisance behaviour, and enhance animal welfare (see Issue 4, Spotlights, Legislative Updates). A staff report from the Executive Director, Municipal Licensing and Standards, Tracey Cook, proposes specific linguistic changes to the bylaw. Recommended changes include adding definitions for “feed”, “bird feeding device”, “songbird”, and “wildlife”, limiting the number of guinea pigs or rabbits to four per household, a provision prohibiting the feeding of wildlife and a list of exceptions, as well as enforcement provisions. The recommendations are set to be reviewed by the City’s Economic Community Development Committee on July 6th. Read about the City’s Animal Bylaw Review here.