Humane Canada Releases Report Measuring Indicators of Animal Welfare

A Legal Keystone Report published by Humane Canada measures Canada’s animal welfare laws using twelve indicators. Toolika Rastogi, Senior Manager of Policy and Research at Humane Canada, leads the ongoing project which hopes to describe what a “Humane Canada” would look like. The twelve indicators measure, among other things, recognition of animal sentience, law enforcement efforts, federal and provincial leadership, and training programs on animal welfare for prosecutors, judges, and police. Of the twelve indicators, only “[l]evel of participation of Crown prosecutors, judges and police staff in these training programs” received a status of “[g]ood and/or trending in the right direction.” The other eleven indicators were marked as needing more work, absent, or that there was not enough data to assess. The Report gives detailed explanations of Canada’s current status with each indicator and outlines areas of improvement. Read more here, and learn about Humane Canada’s Legal Keystone Report here.