Thirty-one year-old John Makaryshyn has been charged with thirty-seven counts of animal cruelty under the Criminal Code and eighty-nine charges under Alberta’s Animal Protection Act. The charges relate to causing unnecessary pain and suffering and failing to provide adequate shelter. In November 2021, firefighters responded to a house fire in Edmonton and found hundreds of dead or nearly-dead reptiles and amphibians. Edmonton Police Service stated that the animals “appeared seriously neglected and many died prior to any effects of the fire.” Approximately 674 animals were found in or around the home. These animals included bearded dragons, skinks (a kind of lizard), salamanders, frogs, snakes, and arachnids. Thirteen animals, including ten tortoises, were found alive, seized, and were taken for veterinary assistance. Peter Daly, President of the Edmonton Reptile and Amphibian Society, told reporters that all the animals were legally owned and that Makaryshyn was not a hoarder, but he bred and sold reptiles. Read about the November 2021 fire here, and the May 2022 charges here.